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Strategic Tool : [SWOT Analysis]


Your career is the most valuable thing. To pick the right option is a confirm step towards career success. Here you will get a free tool for career planning. As we discussed earlier, you realize how difficult to decide the career path. Let’s go to make your decision making more easy by SWOT analysis.


What is SWOT?

SWOT stands for Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat. This tool will help you not only for your career planning but also succeed in eliminating the hurdles in your path. This strategic tool becomes even more effective if you have set your objective. SWOT determines the strengths and weaknesses which leads to opportunities or threats in context to your goal. If you know your strengths and weaknesses, you can use your talent to the full extent to overcome the weaknesses.


How to use?

To conduct SWOT analysis for career planning, you have to list out things in own perspective and people’s perspective. Beware that you do not list out a grocery list.


  • The education you are pursuing is in line with your goal.
  • Having certifications in the context of your career goal.
  • Possessing extra skills like designing with software.
  • Availability of better resources to access which get you closer to your goal.
  • Exists proper support system to achieve your goal.
  • Better health to perform in the journey towards your goal.
  • The grasping ability is good.
  • Being a techno-savvy.
  • Feel proud of the accomplishments you may have.


  • Things you do not feel confident to perform.
  • Things in which people around you always point out as your underperformance.
  • Your poor habits like disorganized, doing more than one thing at a time resulting in a bad result.
  • Fear to speak in front of people.
  • Lacking the skill or training which need to your career goal.
  • You are not so good to deal with people.


  • Successful pursuing education stream will become a strong reason to reach the career goal.
  • Having proper resources and support system you can succeed in your career goal without any obstacle.
  • Being techno-savvy you can gather all types of information contexts to career planning.
  • You keep your enthusiasm growing as the planned career is excites you much.
  • Your social network helps you to anticipates benefits from your desired career.


  • Things you feel unconfident to do may result as a hurdle for a future career.
  • Speech phobia may hold you back if the presentation skill is necessary for the future career.
  • Extra resources available may make you overconfident.
  • Things that people point out as negative may discourage you.


You may add or remove one or anything to the above list. By considering this from people and own perspective you may able to remove each and every obstacle from the career path. You may use all talents to its full extent. You may work on your weaknesses to make them your strengths. The threat of lacking the specific skill for a career, you may convert into opportunity by completing same as early as possible.

This tool is performed by preparing a four-column chart. Each column specifies separately the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats. You have to be honest in describing these four things internally as well as externally.

Use this sample chart to conduct your SWOT analysis right now. or download this M.S. Word sheet.




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