High Demand Jobs 2019

      High Demand Jobs 2019: Stay Ahead


Year 2019! Yes, a couple of weeks to go to welcome the Year 2019.

You may think why I am talking about high demand jobs 2019 from now.

Let me explain.

You will see the people quoting on their social media account.

“New years 365 days = 365 New opportunities.”

Think you have an additional couple of weeks than those people.

Means additional opportunities.

So let’s walk with turtle, steadily to win the race.


What will be special in the year 2019? isn’t it only another year?

So friends, let’s realize that 2019 is neither a number nor another year equally like previous years.

The year 2019 is going to rise with full of bright opportunities.

The new year is coming with advanced technologies. 

Advanced technology already open-up the huge possible opportunities in the job market.

Few of them will get the title high demanding jobs in year 2019 and beyond.


These high demand jobs will certainly admire you.

Let’s have a look.

      High Demand Job-Mobile App Developer


It is quite a history now, when a person or a couple of persons had mobiles in their hands.

Rest of the mob stared at them with a wonder.

Now every individual has a mobile in his pocket. 

Especially a smartphone.

This smartphones not only used for communication.

But extended to business, access the news, and entertainment.

All over the world, businesses as well as consumers utilizing this innovative medium for their ease.

Surveys stated that more than 90% of persons are using mobiles instead of landline phones.

Among those, a very big number up to 85% rely on mobile applications to do their day to day personal as well as official work.

Here the opportunity for app developers creates itself.


One who pursuing a bachelor in computer science.

Any bachelor degree course with program centering may become Mobile App Developer.

There is large no of classroom courses available nearby you.

You get online courses as well.

Here are few which may help you Mobignosis, Learn fly, Adept Pros, Geek Mentors, Bharati Vidyapeeth.


Google Play, Apple Play Store, Windows Store, Amazon App Store, BlackBerry World these are the prime platforms for app developers.

One may develop the app for small business houses to a large one.

Possibly your passion and hard work may make you the owner of a big network like snap chat, Instagram.

Be tuned with this high demand job 2019.  

      High Demand Job-Data Analyst


Data Analyst will be the most demanded job in the year 2019 and beyond.

Data becomes the backbone of most the industries like retail, logistic, medical, finance, manufacturing industries.

As an individual, we also deal with the data in our routine in the form of the text, images, videos.

What exactly the data analyst do?

He collects the data, process, and perform statistical analysis.

For the instance, while shopping online you put the specific filter on the brand and price,and no.of items for given filter appears in a while.

This ease for the end user is the work done by the data analyst.


Data analyst comprises mathematics and computer programming to analyze and process the data.

So any undergraduate from this streams may apply for the courses.

You may find the classroom as well as online courses.


Fast growing Retail Industry, Logistic, E-commerce, Medical, Manufacturing, PSUs and Government agencies will be the biggest employer all over for Data Analyst.

You may move upward from Data Analyst to Data Architect.


      High Demand Job-Cyber Security


Cyber Security experts protect the data, network, programs from cyber threats.

Malware, Ransomware, Phishing, Exploit kits are few examples of ruinous cyber crimes.

The government, Military, Corporates, Finance, and Medical organizations collect, process, and store their data on computers or on other devices.

Part of these data may be sensitive and most important regarding the safety of the nation or organization.


There need to apply the measures to secure the systems, data, and programs from this kind of cyber attack.

So the cybersecurity experts will be in demand in the year 2019 and beyond.

These cybersecurity experts are Chief information security officer, Security Engineer, Security Architect, and Security Analyst.


One who wants to enroll for courses should have an undergraduate degree in computer science/Maths/Program Centering.

Online as well classroom training courses are available nearby you.


Forbes forecasts in his survey that cybersecurity-related market will rise up to 17,000 Crores dollars in the next couple of years.

This huge kind of opportunity you will love to grab.


      High Demand Job-Cloud Engineer


Cloud Engineer assigns duties like cloud architect, cloud software engineers, and cloud system engineer.

He has to perform one or all three responsibilities at a time.

Cloud computing eliminates the physical system of storage. Surveys said that more than 80% IT persons will involve in cloud computing by next couple of years and beyond.

This shows the high demand for cloud engineer.

NIELIT a government organization designed National Skill Qualification Framework (NSQF).

They included cloud computing course through their Vocational Training Provider(VTP).

You can find the VTP nearby you to pursue.


After having a science/computer-based bachelor degree, you have to experience the training of cloud service providers platform: Microsoft Azure, Amazon web services, and the Google cloud platform. 


The requirement of cloud engineers has high demand in corporate to government sectors.


These are the high demand jobs for the year 2019 and beyond.

You have to keep yourself ready to touch the finish line and win the race.

Wish you best wishes for the year 2019 with the best opportunities to succeed further.














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