How to guide yourself for career selection

Career Guidance :[ How you guide yourself for Career selection]

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Career guidance, Career advise…. career selection, yes you hear these words repetitively from your family, friends. Also from the news, the internet. How many really go for this process? Not many. If you are one who ignores this vital process, then you have to read it.

Learning Style

As a society, we become habitual adopting the outmoded style of learning, which leads to stagnant career possibilities. Seems like ordering one similar dish by all, besides having a choice of plenty of tasty dishes.

There is a bunch of job thriving careers is evolving. Then why you keep yourself constraints by copying family members/relatives/friends/neighbors. More important no to rush blindly where the stakes are high.

Who is a  person on the planet who knows your nut and bolts? think … yes, that’s you yourself !isn’t it? If you honestly scan your Strengths & Weakness, attributes, interests and personality, you would have a clue. But don’t be hurry to jump in any conclusion.

Set a Goal.

Life without a goal is like sailing in the ocean without compass So “Name the game” will make your career selection most easy. Your Goal should be Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-based. This way you sow the seeds of future success. With a clear vision, you will able to decide appropriate learning path. You can create your own support system. This support system will help to manage the sequence of acquiring every little step which leads you to your goal. You can gather self-reflections from within. This self-reflection shows you the happiness level in the journey towards your goal.

What is the right time to decide?

Decision making is a continuous process. It should not adopt abruptly. While making a decision about a career, you may start from the threshold of the foundation that is after the tenth. At this stage, you can realize your strengths, weakness, interests, and attributes. So possibilities of opting the wrong stream at an early stage can avoid. Crossing twelth is another milestone. This stage is important to add or omit a whole branch or a subject which would be an obstacle in the road to a career goal. Wisely addition or omission would be a wise move.

The effective tool one can use to determine his/her own strength and weakness, opportunity and threats by SWOT technique. I am going to publish the same only for you shortly.

Hope you found something useful for your career journey.

All the best!

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