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Since a long way, I experienced the changes happened on the internet.  The substantial growth in the internet user, even in developing states, is really surprising. Being an Instructor, I always observed my trainees how they dealt with this techno. I found all of them using the internet for entertainment only, which I felt threatening somehow. There needed a solution to this threat.

In this way, I reached to the thought about to create a platform which would become the roadmap where one can deal with modern technology for his/her convenience.

There is a huge potential toward a career at the Internet World. Need to appeal to the youths in a legit world of work.

For this purpose, Initiative To Inform is designed.

I attempt my best to collect and curate the needful resources for youths career and serve them.

Deepak Kedar

Next Steps…

Inviting the passionate people about NEXT GEN CAREERS.

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