How to make Resume?

The perfect  Resume is a Half battle won.


           Resume the important document 


Job market is the place where you have to represent yourself effectively. So the most crucial thing is your Résumé when you decide to enter the job market. Have you observed a balloon seller, carrying different color’s balloon in his hand? Kids attracted to that beautiful colors. Variety in color and design is the marketing strategy, isn’t it? But we knew the fact none of the balloons would fly because of colors.  It is the content which makes the balloons fly.

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Job seekers should always remember the balloons seller at the time of Resume Preparation. Style and Content both are vital things to consider at the time of resume making. Major things which hold you back with insecurity in your resume are,

lacking to create interest

does not describe you appropriately

missing the updates

showing the experience gap


        Resume Style                                   


Always keep in mind that the first dialogue with a recruiter happens through your resume. If your Résumé fails to speak with a recruiter, he will shut his door for your opportunity to work with him. So make the Résumé as it speaks itself about you. Certainly, It should be eye-catching but not distracting. Here are the bullets for the perfect resume.

  • Keep the Résumé format as simple as possible.
  • Use simple and medium-size fonts.
  • Avoid designers fonts.
  • Don’t be too wordy.
  • Bold, Italic and underline the text to describe a specific thing you want to grab the attention to.
  • Use bullets wherever necessary rather describe everything in sentences.


        Starting with Header                                     


Being honest is the very first condition about résumé content. Résumé shows your skills, abilities, and knowledge effectively. It should narrate the things straightforward, logical, intriguing, and easy to read.

The way to be more effective while walking through your résumé is to start with a smart header and moving ahead step-by-step.

Here are few tips for the effective header.

  • The header is a thing the employer see first. So it must be informative, professional, and eye-catching.
  • Mention full name rather than any initials or nick-name.
  • Don’t put the word Résumé at the top of the page, never!
  • Your name should appear in a bit large font following the job title, contact address, mobile no., and email-id.
  • Your email id should feel professional. Don’t put mail-id as hot_prick@***.com, never.
  • If you have a social media account. Your social media profile aligns with a job. Then don’t hesitate to put it in a header.


        Career Summary


  • This section covers professional summary in few sentences.
  • It should constraint to a paragraph or two.
  • You should more specific at your words. 
  • Never use the words I or my rather tell “Proficient instructor to train skilled as well as semi-skilled workers.”
  • Remember not to add everything which does not align the future job.
  • It is a good idea to mention a title for the section Career Summary or Professional Summary.
  • Insert your hard and soft skills here precisely.


        Work Experience/ Professional History             


  • This section contain a history of previous employment and employers.
  • Starting from the recent employment highlight only that experience which aligns with the job post.
  • Practicing the words I or my will be a bad idea.
  • Avoid using the phrases as I have worked with, I am working with or I am responsible for..
  • Do mention clearly the name and address of employer, job title, and duration of work experience.
  • Here you have strong opportunity to locate hard skills as well as soft skills along with the accomplishments.
  • Employer pleased to read the words like cost-cutting, time management. So put them wisely with your accomplishments.
  • For new job seekers, my advice is to mention your hard skills by describing a project you work with. For example, Represent the model of Francis Turbine and describe the design with the help of Auto-cad. It shows your hard skills designing with the aid of technology and soft skills to face the crowd for presentation. This will certainly help to remove the white section of experience in new job seekers resume.

        Certifications and Courses                                

  • This section covers the education certificates, Institutes, and date.
  • Higher certification courses mention first wisely aligning with the future job.
  • Don’t shy to mention the course or degree you are pursuing.
  • Add the additional courses which will be helpful for the future position.
  • Research paper or any project should mention here. The employer always impressed by innovative peoples.
  • Avoid going far to primary educations.
  • Use bold letters to show academic excellence if any.


        Keep in mind …                                                

  • Proofreading is must do practice before posting the resume.
  • While posting the resume online use pdf to avoid disturbed margin issue.
  • Try not to paste your picture unless employer demand for. 
  • Use the relevant keywords to optimize with ATS( Application Tracker System).
  • Use the online free template for making professional resume.

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